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Are You Cruelty Free?

Yes! We are animal lovers and do not test on or harm them for PopLuxe products. 

Can I Return My Product?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds/exchanges, nor do we allow cancellations/ returns. If you receive a defective product, please file a claim in the Contact center. 

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping will vary and is determined by several factors, including weight, destination, and shipping method. 

Do You Add Fragrance?

Nope! We are a fragrance-free cosmetic line!

Are Your Products Vegan?

All of the formulas are vegan except for SEX LIFE. 

Are Your Highlighters Talc-Free?


Where Are Your Highlighters Made?

All highlighters are handmade in Michigan with love! These products are made in a sanitized, animal-free, cruelty-free environment. 

Do Your Highlighters Have Preservative?

Yes! For your safety, preservative is added. This assures a long life span for the product, and the ability to be used dry or wet. 

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